perplex mind i have

Woke up rather late than usual..i went to bed around 12.38am but arghhh..i can’t put myself to sleep.picked up the January’s edition of DCM..another arghhh..trying hard to understand those bombastic photography words…

anyhow..i got laid with some songs in my phone…around 2.30am after a few attempts to sleep (which i still cant sleep) i went to stir some sugar and tea..pushed some channels on the tv box.. nope…nothing interesting to watch..even on mtv/channel v..

what was on my mind…a few…hundreds..thousands..millions..zillions of stuffs running around in my brain which i really cant stop thinking bout…hmm..shud i do this..shudn’t it be like this..shud i say this..shud i..wud i..cud i…my must i…why me…shudn’t it be this way…how can it be…y must it be like this.. i learn the WH questions in my early days..n last nite..all those WH type of questions were playing in my head..hahhaha.. sapa suh pi blajaq dulu²..

L >> life is full of ups and downs..The Almighty Allah tests me often..

O >>Oh God…to you is where I cry..where i say my prayers for my love+mom+dad+family+me… i found peace when i say the prayers to YOU..i found strength when i spill out every single thing on the prayer mat… YOU granted me my wish..and i want to cherish that gift from heaven for all my life..will i be able to do that? Dear Allah…please help me..

V>>very very deeply in love with you..i do hope you realise and cherish the love i’m giving you.. my life is complete with you by my side.. sometimes…i wonder…

E>>everything..u’re my everything…i need you close to life has been such a pleasure since the day i met you..everyday..i wake up hoping that we will cherish our life together.

::just a thought from my heart::


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