new place to search for long lost frens

he gave me this link this morning after a long chat on the phone.. browsed through a few pages and interesting enough..found some ol frens there..hope to see them more in that site..keep in touch guys!

i had to update those documents.. ha ha..need to submit those by today..but what the heck..i wont take those seriously.. will be off to cameron highlands this friday for 3 day-2 nite workshop with those KUKUM big shots(ha ha.i guess they shud be called this as their tummy are big..hehehe) i know i’ll be missing someone badly.. :((

reflecting on wat happened yesterday, i am really worried considering the fact that i cant put myself together..well, alhamdulillah, thanks to you sweetheart but we’ve still got far to go and getting married is just another milestone of many to come, insya’allah.

p/s:i’m glad we had that talk..


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