my dreams are merely shattered

we both are hoping for march and june..but what happened was..they decided to go for may and august..Ya Allah..wat is happening here..nizam and i hoped that we cud be living 2gether by june..wat went wrong??

Dear Allah, its me again..asking for another favour..please make things rite..please fix the problem we both are facing..i dunno wat went wrong.. I never stop praying for things to turn out rite..Dear Allah..give us strength to stand this setback which we did not ask for..Y is it so hard for us? Please make things rite..

I am now..not a person anymore..I am lifeless…what can i do to fix this????????. my dreams and hope are merely shattered by decisions made by others..My love sweetheart, please stand by me and lead me.. I ask for you and me to be strong..

my heartthrob~J.e.j.a.k.a~
I love you for every second i live
I need you for every breath i take
I miss you oh so dearly!


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