never let it be too late

went out with zahrah yesterday..she picked me up at Masjid Bukhary around 10.30am. we went round and round again in her car..kewl nice car.. i was rather confused+gloomy+muddle up. i wasnt really listening to her..she was spelling out her problems..pity her..

she gave me a bottle of eternity by calvin klein (belated birthday present). how lucky i am. how thoughtful of u zahrah.. u will always be my greatest fren and gud listener. TQ my fren..tq sebab sanggup layan kerenah aku..dari kita mula d k5c 505 hingga la ni..

the moment i stepped into my car to alor star..tears were dropping ..i wanted to stop but i just cant hep it. i then met zahrah.. but she doesnt have a clue wat was it all about..i just told her..i just wanted to cry..and i did.. it was suppose to be her that cry n not me..but it was the other way around..tq zahrah for being my shoulder to cry on..i really needed that

no one one knows..

to my frens out there…treasure the love that knocked on ur we will never know what will happen next…

i learn my lesson well..

he showers you with love
he shows you what love is..what miss is all about
he teaches you to feel love which you never knew learn to love and be loved

dont be stupid…
for not knowing how to keep the love he gives you
he is the one who gives you strength
who tells you that you cud anything in the world
he sprikles glitters to your dull life

he shows you how great it is to fall in love

remember my frens..
dont be stupid..

understand him well
keep your words
keep your promises

dont let it be too late
or you shall never win him back
dont ever make it too late..
for all you know..
he is meant for you..

tell him how deep is your love..
do all the things he loves
put smiles on his face..
love him until the end of time

thank him..

thank him for loving you
treasure him for who he is…
thank him for giving you the chance to be loved and to love
thank him for giving you strength
thank him for calling you sayang..dear..sweeheart..
thank him for missing you..
thank him for telling/whispering all those sweet words
thank him for letting you be The One in his life..even for once..
thank him you for making youfeel treasured, accepted…
those lovely words shall be your strength forever..

my fren..
when you find it is TOO LATE…
it will be hard..its hard..REALLY HARD for you

you cant think straight..
all you can think that..if Allah shall grant you with a wish..
you wud wish to die so that you dont have to see him with someone else

you cant bear knowing that you have no one in your life
you cant bear knowing that you have no one to call sayang…you just cant
you cant bear of anything at that moment …

others shall must go on..perhaps for them..
easier said than done
as for you…you will be another zombie..
dont blame him..not even once..
blame yourself for not taking the chances he gave you

as for me..i blame stupid of me..


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