a cycle with my dearest sweetheart

it was a hectic day. attended 5s’ workshop at taman kechor. it is a two-day workshop but i had to skipped myself this afternoon since i had to join a meeting between PPKKP’s EXCO and our final year students at kg wai. at lunch hour, had 2 slices of sengkuang+kuah rojak and a packet of buah sawa. under the tree my sweetheart and i had our fruit lunch. healthy haa?

after the meeting, i headed back home and prepare myself for the cycle session with my love.. sayang nyer kat awakkkk.. u arrived at around 5.50pm and drank 1 big mug of coconut juice(next time no more talapia na awak). rite after that, we cycled to beseri…and back home..roughly just 12km this time. we stopped for a pack of iced coconut juice. we laughed, we gossip things..hehehe..syookkk ooooo…

once we reached home, i was taught how to take off the front tire and how to handle it..hehehe…kinda hard for me..that is my bike parked in my room >>proton T-bike(T-bolt model)

anyway..it was a gudddd cycle..like i said..u’ll love it more when you do it with ur loved one. sayang awak..


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