jerebu di hati kecil ini..

u showered me with love
u showed me what love is..what miss is all about

u taught me to feel love which i never knew
which i never thought i would ever get to feel

i learned to love and be loved
but i am so stupid not knowing
not knowing how to keep the love u gave me

u gave me strength
tell me i cud do anything in the world
u put glitters in my dark life
u showed me how great it was to fall in love

i am stupid..
i never understand you
never keep my words
never keep my promises

i know now u deserve someone better than me
i know now…im not meant to be in ur life..

but remember sayang..u will forever be my sayang..FOREVER
as no one cud ever take that place in my heart
i will always love you until the end of time..

i thank you
thank you for loving me
thank you for giving me the chance to be loved and to love
thank you for giving me strength
thank you for calling me sayang..rindu awak..sayang awak (oh how i long to hear those phrases again)
thank you for letting me be your ‘ The One’ in your life..even for a while..

thank you for making me feel treasured, accepted…
those lovely words will be my strength forever..

its hard..REALLY HARD for me
if Allah grant me my wish..i wish to…..
i cant bear knowing that i have no one in my life
i cant bear knowing that i cannot call you sayang…i just cant

i cant bear of anything now…

i dont blame you..not even once..
i blame myself for taking the chances you gave me

i love you..
and i will always love you

love you always


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