1st big step of me n him

Alhamdulillah..the ceremony went smooth as planned. never been happier in my entire life!
my dear sweetheart..this is part of the miles we’re going through..luv u!

although he was away(due to job commitment), the ceremony was termendously happy. close frens and relatives were all there to celebrate.

the photographers in charged were http://sclandz.fotopages.com , http://tajul 910.fotopages.com and mr fauzi(from kuala nerang)

True love is a gift Allah gives us. It is a silent link between heart and mind, and the silver thread that ties two souls together. When two hearts gaze under the same silver moon, and wish on the same brilliant star, the angels listen softly. When two souls believe their love is forever, the heavens make it so. May Allah bless us.. Amin Ya-Rabbal ‘Alamin


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