time fly….

the list seems unstoppable.. we both try hard to keep updating each other with wat to do next and wat to skip..(i wonder if there is any)…

we both want a simple and yet meaningful day for each other. promise not to spend on unnecessary things..y must we waste..

as of now although we have tick a lot of items on the checklist..but somehow, there wud be items coming the way.

this afternoon, i received the fax from impiana.. got to bank in the money by 2morow.

cant wait..nervous…scared.. happy..excited..as of now..i cant really tell since they r all jumbled up.. but one thing for sure.. Im tremendously GLAD that we are both going to be 2gether…

i found this in my mom’s quote book : u dont marry someone who u can live with, u marry someone who u cannot live without…>>and yes..i cant live without my Jejaka


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