::and its raining…….::

its showering..called Jejaka to tell him i wanted to go to bed rather early 2nite.. i was about to put myself to bed, shower started to flow…hmm…i cant really tell how..but i cant concentrate to sleep..sounds weird ha.. the sound of it..

my mom loves it when it rains..i love it too..but not tonite..i cant tell y but something is really bothering me. I really cant tell wat is it..argghhhhh!!!! the checklist-done, the cards-done for tonite, at work-as always, my room-unsatisfied(the dressing table+side tables arent here yet), the carpet-not satisfied, the mosquito net-done, wat else ? wat cud it be? i cant tell…

its showering out there and im showering inside here..dunno y..Ya Allah….am i missing someone..have i done anything wrong…do i worry too much…do i think so much..am i expecting something..cant tell…


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