…a day with my Jejaka+frens

woke up rather late today…and at 8.30 rushed to RPA santan to get 6 packets of nasik lemak (food tasting) for the meeting on friday. the nasik lemak were alrite but they were a bit spicy than expected. Mak+Abah left to ‘memanggil’. While waiting for Cik Wan Hantaran came, we enjoyed the nasik lemak+some savouries.

At around 9.30, Cik Wan came and measure everything he needed to and Jejaka+I discussed what we want and what we expect to get. Rite after that, the 4 of us went straight to Our (Jejaka+I) house.. 😀 there are lots to be done. here n there..we decided to check out the price for a new set of sliding door, and doors for the rooms+washrooms.
that is the 1st phase… 🙂 any tukang besi out there??

zassss..aloq staq we headed to..someone got himself a new K810i.. :(( tak aci betul laa..nak gak.. after that, we headed to pantai baru, sg berembang, kola perlis..saja seronok2 nak tenangkan fikiran..best gak….. 🙂


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