time is moving so fast (and so now it seems)..alhamdulillah, there are only a few more items on the checklist which we havent tick …lega rasanya…

went to padang besar (besaq mana padang tu na.. :D) to get more uncang for his side. and Mak reminded me to get a few kilos of glutinous rice, fragrant rice and some detergent for the kenduri. Noon+Diara+Jejaka+I had some pulut ayam and kueyteow tomyam for lunch. slurrpppppy!!

we went straight to the furniture shop at Jelempok to replace my side table. LOVELY! then we headed to bazaar in Kangar..searching for a pair of capal and songkok. can’t find any decent ones… meronda2 kat Kangar with them for a while..

decided to go to Hafifah Frozen since we have nearly 20 items to get for the kenduri and for ourselves 😀 the car boot was FULLY LOADED( not herbie fully loaded…heheh buat waja fully loaded ;))

wat a day we had…


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