alhamdulillah..the solemnisation ceremony went well (tremendously). the receptions were great although there were hiccups here n there (comments from my relatives). wat to do..we cant change things kan.. tapi still, im so very grateful.

a big thanks to my gurlfrens (Nun+Diara)..without both of u..my wedding ceremonies wont be that great. i cant repay both of u my frens, my sistas…although im a bit far (3.3 km away from home) but that doesnt mean we cant keep in touch or meet or hangout like we used to… saturday is coming 😉 luv u both!!

doris came all the way from sandakan.. (thanks so much doris)..hanny came from seremban n my dear fren yayah drove on her own all the way from tmn ehsan kepong (terer gak na hang drive sorang2 jauh).. thank q guys.. those early morning sms..hehehe..really cute !

mak+abah were great hosts as always. the smiles, the greetings even till midnights… domo arigato mak+abah!! (missing the cucuq pisang+tea time) 😦 im still ur ‘adik’ forever 😀

…..silence is always the best policy..and so i shall be one…Allah knows everything..

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