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its already the 5th day of Ramadhan Al-Murabak.. as of this year, my Ramadhan is very much different compared to my previous Ramadhans.. 🙂 I now have my Jejaka 2gether with me.

a lot (i really mean a lot) has been going on for the past one month. the wedding, the honeymoon, the trips, puasa 2gether, berbuka 2gether, staying with my in laws and the rest. life is so challenging and im up to it. (gurl power)

….the honeymoon 🙂 the 3 day-2 nite package Jejaka gave me as one of the offerings was SUPERBLY GREAT. we were treated as VIPs..(except for the bad WiFi connection). we started from Platinum Villa, Setapak around 2.30 (at first nak bertolak earlier..) after having lunch my cute lil superhero nephews (pheewsss!!), Jejaka n I started our journey to Impiana Resort & Spa Cherating.. adoii..lama gak la the journey..but its worth the wait..

the 4 post bed..cute haa…plus..they prepared us with a bubble+flower petals bath..heheheh

we really enjoyed ourselves there..lots n lots of photos of our honeymoon stay (wat do u expect traveling with a photographer) 😀 thanks to the good hospitality given by Impiana Resort & Spa staffs. thanks 4 making our honeymoon such a lovely+unforgettable stay.

we spent 4 days in KL after leaving Cherating. Jejaka managed to get himself another lens (wat else wud he wants). we went shopping here n there via LRT/comuter/on foot..heheheh penat gak la…

..and the nite before leaving KL, we spent a few hundreds at IKEA while paksu+maksu really shopped..we both promised to come back again to get more things for our house once its ready (insya-Allah by November)

Jejaka kena buli by me..tolak troli2 yang pilled up

Pakeeza Restaurant>>a must visit restaurant in Ipoh..yummylicious tandoori chicken, alogobee with cheese, masala bendi, fish curry…sedapppppppp+aroiiiii

last weekends mak+abah brought the 4 of us, Noon, Diara, Jejaka n I to penang..we stayed at Seri Malaysia Bayan Baru..just a nite there before going to Ipoh. we went to penang..to EAT..bela perut sungguh..dinner at Deen Nasi Kandar, Gelugor(sedappp), ice cream at Haagen Daaz n shopping at Queensbay Mall..bestnya spending the weekends with my parents, my close frens n sure my koibito…so datin sri+datin, nanti kita pekana lagi na aiskrim+nasik kandaq… 😀 gurls..nak bukak posa where at na..? 😉

my dearest frens ~~thank q so very much for being such wonderful frens

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