::life…o life::

my life has been WELL..TREMENDOUSLY WELL…

I’m :

HAPPY>> thanks to the Almighty Allah. things are great..i cudnt ask for more. i love you (my ever dearest Jejaka) more and more each day..u are the gift from heaven.

BUSY>>students’ final exam is coming..busy with the question papers..vetting, school board meeting flipped on the next page, EXCO meeting is waiting in the next room, mesyuarat ahli lembaga pengajian is on the Q (damn!), ICED 2008 adoii

WORK>>i received a letter confirmation status from KUKUM to UniMAP(walhal dah lama pun hal ni)… will rearrange my room 2mrw…by end of this year, the whole office will be moving to Kg Y..penattttnya packing..(how i hate packing n unpacking)

HOME>>our house is yet to be ready..Mak had arranged for someone to fix and renovate some parts of the house..insya Allah, next weekend we’ll go shop for some new curtains. we’ll have colourful house.. 🙂 home sweet home…

FEEL BETTER>> just feeling better.. 🙂 Ramadhan is here..time to grab all the chances..insya-Allah

diary of life….


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