::someone is not feeling well…..

Jejaka was and still is not feeling well. we went to check at Klinik Sedhu last nite.. yeap..the tonsil causes the fever+sore throat. luckily, we were the 2nd patient waiting. get well soon koibito-yo and THANK YOU 😉

i managed to cook something he loves.. a recipe from mamafami fotopages. that was the 3rd time i made for him except yesterday he ate just the soup with my mom’s homemade kanji(sayang menantu na cikgu dariah)…i love seeing how he slurp the soup. the day before, he requested the same thing and he even help me cutting those mushrooms and veges. sweet ha.. 🙂

on sunday we went for a lil shopping at The Store Kangar. bought a bar of parmesan cheese.. and yesterday, while waiting for the wok style vege cooking, i made some simple bread pizza… should’ve taken some photos of those.. sedap gak la..hehehee

the weddding list is over..now its time for our household list pulak..any interior designer out there who wish to help me?


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