::and he fried some corn fritters…::

wish i snapped the corn fritters he made yesterday..Mak made the mixture and he just fried. as Abah said..”comey laa..mone-mone ja cucuq nie…” im so proud..hehehe.. Mak laughed when he said he wanted to help me and Mak..with his white pagoda tshirt and kain pelikat.. 😀 wallah!! a plateful of spicy corn fritters. sedap la awak..pandai orang yg goreng.. heheehe wat can Mak n I say.. there goes a lot of shapes (oblong, round, dunno wat other shapes) ..

i was cooking his all time favourite claypot yee mee(which i substitute to either fettucini or spaghetti), my ever dearest heartthrob came and became the mandor there for a lil while 😀 hehehehe..

i made myself some Singapore Fried Beehoon 🙂 mcm tringin plak yesterday. drove to the nearest mini market on my way back n managed to grab some spring onion, coriander, potato chips and beehun. i dont think i can post the exact recipe here as always, I will be using ‘agak2’ gm of all the ingredients. tell me, who wud really use the ruler and scale..??

so here goes my style of Singapore Fried Beehoon (my all time favourite dish for BBQ dinner)

1/2 packet of EKA beehoon (soak til its soft)
chicken – cut into cubes >>how many grams?? according to your likings
carrot strings
some greens ( i used lobak)
1 clove of garlic
white pepper to taste
salt to taste
hard boiled eggs
for garnishing
fried tofu spring onion+coriander for garnishing

How to cook?
saute the garlic till brown
add the chicken cubes , salt, pepper for roughly 5-8 minutes
add the beehun and stir well (make sure u dont break the beehoon strings)
finally, put in the veges and cook for just 2-3 minutes
serve with the toppings (fried tofu, hard boiled egg, spring onion+coriander)

wat is Singapore Fried Beehoon without the hot chillie sauce? very simple to make…
u need a handful of cabai melaka (or cili padi), salt, sugar and soy sauce. mix those with a blender. again! u need to just agak2 on the quantity..more if u prefer it to be hotter.

the photos??? NO, i did not have my phone when I was in the kitchen 😦


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