::the menu….::

at around 4.30, recieved a sms from my koibito..”nak claypot leh tak?” as expected..he really loves claypot pasta… 🙂 since its easy to make..so its not a problem to me. grabbed some dried shitake mushroom from The Store supermarket and rushed home.

i was wondering while cooking…wat type of kitchen wud i want..? modern? very traditional english type? such a headache! went to Kamdar on Monday rite after work with my dearest frens noon and diara 2gether with our driver(hihihihi). had our breakfast at McD City Plaza. i personally love shopping with them since they can advise me on wat type of cloth, which colour wud suit my living room, dining section, masterbedroom, my kitchen.. best laaa… kueyteow iman tu nanti kita pi lain na…

RED plain cloth + white lace with some red flowers >>dining area
BEIGE plain cloth + gold checked white lace>>>living room
ENGLISH rose pattern>>masterbedroom
GREEN CHECKED cotton>>my kitchen+store room

back to cooking, mashed some potatoes and ground beef..i made curry puff..i made some instant curry puff..using the instant paratha bread wat an easy way ..keh keh keh..

Mak was telling me that her grandchildren love cornflakes cookies. I know she wants me to make..so I surf on the net..and found one.
They were cute..i put them in red coloured cups..i doubled the ingredients and made up to 215 cups.. 🙂

CORNFLAKES CRUNCHIES (copied from Rossyabakes.fotopages)

cute cups ha…

105g mentega
1/2 cawan gula castor
1 butir kuning telur
3/4 cawan tepung naik sendiri
1/4 cawan tepung gandum
1/2 sudu kecil vanilla essence

3/4 cawan kismis
Cornflakes secukupnya (i put 175gm)

Putar mentega dengan gula hingga kembang dan ringan. Masukkan kuning telur, vanilla essence dan pukul perlahan2. Ayak kedua tepung dan campurkan keadunan telur. Kemudian baru masukkan kismis dan cornflakes. Masukkan kedalam mangkuk-mangkuk kertas dan dihias dengan ceri. Bakar selama 15-20 minit dalam ketuhar 160C atau sehingga keperang-perangan.

Nota : Adunan ini akan kelihatan berderai.. tetapi ia akan bercantum sesudah ia masak nanti. Letak cornflakes berlebihan sedikit. Lebih rangup lebih enak.

ready for delivery

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