::silence is the best::

silence perhaps is the best…i guess it is… how to cope with such a boss…moron! blamed me for his mistakes and laughed all out.. ~semoga Allah memberi balasan setimpal..

i was not in the mood to cook anything yesterday. and so we both stopped at pasar ramadhan kangar to grab some soto (tasty!) but mine is better..hihihi…saw my fren and her husband there. they are selling sweet porridges…

last night, tucked myself into bed (my husband tucked me into bed actually) at around 9.30..i had stomachache.. gastrik kot.

TODAY-am making Ulundu Vadei. a recipe given my bestfriend>Shamili Pandian who is now working in KL (fuyyoo..kay-ell tu gurllll). will go to that durga shop to get some ullundu. yum yum..

TODAY- came to work with a fresh new Pn Aiza (i will only smile and say YES to watever happens, even when everything is wrong, I will keep myself calm. i will do everything accordingly and if that mor*** still wants to get his way, go ahead and im not to be blamed. 🙂 )

TODAY- am not wearing proper attire.. Y? my staffs n I will be packing!! we are moving to Kg Y in kola perlis later this month.

TODAY-my favourite uncle is coming home.. 🙂

TODAY- my stomach is stillhurts

TODAY- again, i want soto!

TODAY-some groceries shopping..

RITE NOW- missing my previous department (all the staffs and the environment)


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