::Hari Raya….. ::

us both with Mak and Abah

🙂 im celebrating Hari Raya with my Jejaka…helped mom to prepare some bihun sup.. sedappp..

this year, im celebrating Raya as a wife ( had to iron, prepare some cookies, cook some meals) 🙂 but im happy and thankful to the Almighty Allah. ~flashback~>>last year, he came to my house on 2nd day of Hari Raya..introduced him as my Jejaka 🙂 and this year, Alhamdulillah syukur, we both celebrate Raya together.

Ramadhan 30, we went to Kedah Medical Centre visiting Wan Lah. he was admitted the day before due to dehydration. he didnt have anything solid except for Enercal for the past 4 months. He recognize me 🙂 Rite after visiting Wan Lah, we went to get some cream at BodyShop (alor star mall) and had our breakfast there.. KFC at last .. 🙂

1st day of raya,we both were bz.. went back to Pdg Pauh and stayed there almost the entire day. Relatives came and enjoyed the bihun sup maksu and mak made.. Mak, Abah, Jejaka and I prepared ourselves for the photo session.. mcm indoor studio..siap lampu2 lagik tu…

Only yesterday (2nd day of raya) we went to beraya…on the motorcycle!!! hehehe..it was sure fun 🙂 wat an experience 🙂

Selamat Menyambut Aidilfitri..raya sebulan 🙂

p/s: we celebrate Raya with a good news too 🙂


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