::wat have i been through lately::

I was on MC for 2 days last week..my body was and still am catching up with the new environment… 🙂 the doctor gave me a few prescriptions and reminded me to rest a lot and not to do heavy activities for the first 4-5 months.. we made another appointment to meet her again on november 13.. nak scan this time..

I managed to register myself at ivillage so that it wud be easier for us to keep track on the fetal growth. a very handy and helpful site.

Shafeza and Diara as always helping me with the house cleaning…curtains sewing, baking cakes etc. 🙂 im glad we are still the same..if only u both cud join Jejaka+I to Pangkor .

Shafeza showing me the rite way to measure n sew the tape

attended another school event on Friday last week at Brasmana Hotel. it was a simple and yet meaningful event for the students (gud students lah). certs were given by the EXCO and since there was no MC, so i became one that afternoon..hihihihi..the dean was in aussie at that time we organised the event (baguih2 dia takdak)

attended Majlis Anugerah Dekan/Bestari for School of Computer and Communication Engineering

missing my frens a lot..yayah, doris, hanie..hopefully next month yayah wud come to perlis since its the school holiday..lots to catch up..

missing my frens >>kola perlis getaway on my wedding day..dan lagi na hangpa semua pi na

the 3 best buddies…sebenaqnya 4 org..tp sorang tu tukang ambik gambaq.. 😀

this weekend, Jejaka will be bringing me to Pangkor Island ..yay…honeymoon for us both..oopss…for the 3 of us ;). adam keep calling my mobile asking when we will be arriving.. he wants some chocolate cakes and amin wants some ‘yellow cakes’ (vanilla cake la nie). cant wait to play with my nephews and the newborn nephew..

2nite’s activities:
>>1. Cakes baking session >>vanilla and chocolate cake
>>2. Packing
>>3. Curtain>>kalau larat & kalau dan


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