Hijrah kita Hijrah hati,
Hijrah dari alam gelap ke alam Nur,
dari leka ke jaga,
dari fantasi ke realiti,
dari mazmumah ke mahmudah
Insya-allah semoga mendapat perlindungan
dan pembukaan ilmu dan makrifah.

Hijrah bring different meaning to each of us. And this should be our turning point to us-Muslims. I did not celebrate the so called-new year (1/1/08) as I am a Muslim. this is my own opinion which is surely conflicting to others.do i care??

Maal Hijrah :-
1. hopefully, by moving to the our new house, prosperity and happiness will overflow ;
2. Hijrah from saying “ooo..its my habit..wat can i do” to NO MORE BAD HABITS ;
3. apply for another degree (graduate before the age of 35);
4. increase savings instead of spending ;
5. gud mother and an obedient wife to my dear husband.


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