will be on leave from hectic work from Jan 21-Jan 31. yasumi, yasumi, yasumi!! with lots of agendas to fill in, we both hope to spend some quality time together. seems bz with work lately and i hardly sleep after 10.00pm. pity my Jejaka since he has to stay up late alone…cian dia.. 🙂

Alhamdulillah, we’ve moved…finally! to our so-called new house at Kg Guru, Kangar; feel free to drop by ya. 3 Muharram or December 12, officially.. 🙂 it is so nice now that we have a proper place to be called “OUR HOME”..as wise man says..home sweet home..it doesn’t matter if it is small, incomplete(with 3k sofas, 64-inch-LCD tv, superior floor or watever some may afford)..its heaven for both of us. how proud i am looking at those curtains i sew.. :)hehehe..macam perasan syok sendiri plak.. my frens were surprised how tiny my kitchen is..yet..im happy with it. the kitchen makes me happy..cooking happily at my own kitchen perimeter..

a proper room for Jejaka to work+to place the drybox, all his gadgets/equipments…a closet cum ironing room…a guest room (hafiz n afifi dah rasmi nie..) and our room…wat more cud i ask… oh yeah, ada nk mintak…nak pagola+mini garden>> eric leong help me!

i know…for sure…

im the HAPPIEST person on earth!

how grateful i am to the Almighty Allah..

granted me my wishes..tremendously great loving husband, great home

and with our baby coming the way…

i can’t be happier..


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