::sometimes i wonder::

L >> life is full of ups and downs..The Almighty Allah granted me my wish..I asked for you.. i know now our love blooms even more…love you today more than yesterday

O >>Oh God…to you is where I cry..where i say my prayers for my heartthrob+our baby+my parents+lastly for me… i found peace when i say the prayers to You..i found strength when i spill out every single thing on the prayer mat… You granted me my wish..and i want to cherish that gift from heaven for all my life..Dear Allah…please help me to be a better person, a gud wife and a great mom..(cant wait)

V>>very very deeply in love with you.. my life is complete with you by my side.. very much in love with you.

E>>everything..u’re my everything…i need you close to me..my life has been such a pleasure since the day i met you..everyday..used to hope that someday i’ll wake up with you by my side..and now its all coming true…

to the love of my life…Very Much In Love with you…

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