:: look who is coming…? erkkk ::

from unclustered chairs+accessories…to this… hehehehe.. my in-laws are coming tonite.. haveta cook dinner for 7 adults and 4 kiddo… daripada bersepah umah..teruih jadi ala2 cun.. 😀 tapi shud’ve grabbed that rug di ikea tu…eventhough it was cheap tapi fluffy laaa..

thanks to the hunk man..hehehe..my jejaka who turned my living room into reality…luckily we bought the ikea mini table for only RM45 (second hand) and not only that..we managed to get a second hand ikea cabinet with changing top for our baby at a very bargain price.. tak pi ikea KL pun takpa dah camni..pi kat ayaq itam second hand shop pun dah cukup..hehehe…save duit mcm ni… another shot of my living room….:D

as for tonite…the menu goes like this…bagi la dan masak satg..

  1. fish curry + lady fingers (ikan nyok2 or bawal hitam)
  2. chicken soup+potatoes-especially for balkis
  3. fried chicken
  4. sambal mempelam+ulam
  5. fried fish
  6. brown sugar jelly
  7. fresh fruits


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