Makngah+mom pay a visit to our house Saturday afternoon. We had iced cendol which i bought from nat sabtu and some banana fritters. ordered a variety box from pizza hut and enjoyed the box while watching akademi fantasia… mujuq si saida tu kicked out…her singing sucks

Sunday..went to the airport to fetch abah from Umrah and zassss…there we go..the the bike store. spent almost 4 hours there..and of course, as expected my jejaka bought himself a new bike…again! looks like we have to cut down the budget for our baby’s peg perego haa.. 😉

anyway..can’t wait for the coming weekends. am going for a grooming class with some friends and on sunday..yess.. shopping time.. hopefully, no more shopping after this. tummy is getting larger and that’s a sign for me to stop buying things for my unborn baby… 😀 or perhaps its a sign for more shopping until the time..hehehehe..

may is coming…one thing for sure…will have a session with a photographer for some outdoor photoshoot+picnic+ fun time.. 😀 yea yea…kc…cepat balik..tak sabaq nie nak posing…!

monday blues…. 😦 work..work..is this wat life is all about?


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