:: Kelas Kecantikan ::

🙂 somehow i signed up for ‘Kelas Kecantikan’ organised by Kolej Komuniti Arau. it was FUN, educational and WORTH it. for RM 40, the workshop provides the us, the students with complete 1 to 1 of make up kits, facial treatment kits and learning modul not forgetting the compulsory 3 times meals..wat more do you need?!

Kak Ira, Kak Ina, Kak Aziana and Kak Liza were among the UniMAP gang. hehhe..syiokkk.. that is wat happened to the our faces. surely im not included since i snapped.. hehehe.. terasa lawa masing2…the instructors were thinking that i’m carrying a baby girl since i’m so much interested in make-up classes and cooking classes..heheh..takkan pregnant with baby boy takleh join kot…superstitious jer tu…

thinking of joining the Pie&Roasted Class on 3rd May.. 😀 if the KL plan doesn’t fall on that day..then surely i’ll sign up..wat is gud with Kolej Komuniti day-course, we just have to find minimum number of students (15 pax) for any type of classes we wished them to handle…best kan..so lets go…


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