:: final stage of shopping~not as I thought… ::

we were in Penang on 27th april. joining us were Nun+Diara. we cudn’t find the PegPeRrego we wanted..Gurney Plaza-no stock! how frustrating we were. McLaren, Quinny..some other brands, but not PegPerego.. 😦 Queensbay Mall-no PegPerego. The Toyr’us was small..adoiii.. looks like we need to go to KL.and yess…we both are going…
so KC.. wait for us ya..remember our date 😉 tak sabaq nak posing nih…YEAHOOOOOO…

frustrating enough, we had to go for a few rounds around the island since there was a bad jam on the bridge as well as at the jetty…we dunno wat was the cause…anyway, as i wanted…heheh..we all enjoyed our lunch drinks at Starbucks @Sbrg Jaya Megamall… 😀 thanks to the driver. 🙂 muahhssss

we stopped at Tesco Sungai Petani for some groceries..we all got something for us..including for the baby ..hehehe… Jejaka n i tried to find for a decent and good stroller+baby carrier there but we just cudnt find any.. even at Giant Alor Star not to our expectations..so, the final say…Midvalley we will both go!


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