:: new cafe in town ::

since the doctor advised us both that i shudnt be doing all the house chores, my jejaka brought me out for dinner n lunch..”no cooking, no laundry, no sweeping, no mopping just rest ya..a lot of rest for you” ~dr indar told us.. 🙂 i’ll be a princess for the next 1 month la maksudnyer..heheheh

anyway, for dinner, he decided to take me to Mai Kafe, the latest cafe in town. nice environment, kewl decorations with very reasonable price (just have to compromise with the taste). food presentation wise…well..i wud give the cafe an A+ but for the taste.. i guess the food are not to my taste.

the decorations are simple and up to date with kopitiam sort if style.. black tables+chairs with woody deco on overall. but what i hate most then was this one guy…smoking cigar..hahah..cigar murah jer pun..tapi mcm hebat jer…yuckkk smells horrible.. hullo adik..good cigars smells good la…

we ordered french fries (just RM2), marinated lamb shoulder (which turned out to be just the normal black pepper lamb chop) and mee mamak (no! definitely not mee mamak). the drinks are mostly Mai Kafe based coffee but they were good. the white coffee is really aromatic and so the teh tarik Mai Kafe..

for the western food lovers, this is a place for you to try!

p/s: im thinking of bringing my brother+sis in law there.. jom jom…


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