:: GREAT photoshoot + short KL trip ::

who wud have guess.. we went to KL for just 12 hours .. 🙂 although it was a short trip but I’m telling you, its all worth it! we went for the photoshoot and we bought the stroller.. not the one we planned to buy but it is much better in terms of specs and with a better price 🙂 thanks sweetheart! can’t wait to use it… 🙂

to our suprise, we met Makngah on her way back from work..and she bought us our tea that afternoon at the Gardens. 🙂 rezeki kami sungguh… thanks Makngah.

the photoshoot was done myshots.. KC was full of ideas and the photoshoot was GREAT. really enjoy every second of it! can’t wait to see those photos. Jejaka enjoyed it too..

both pictures are copyright photos of myshots wedding

and yeah, Ruzila, thanks for the ride. although the meet-up session was really, i mean really short but it was great. terasa mcm masa time dok kat Derma dulu2.. 😀 hope to see u and KC+family in Perlis..bleh pekena ikan bakaq kat kola..so balik la u guys before my due date.. 🙂

as for now… I AM HAPPY…so no more shopping dah after this 🙂

p/s: skit2 nak beli2 tu takpa la…tapi major shopping, no more…


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