:: confinement ~ yeah its over! ::

Alhamdulillah..my confinement period is officially over. There are a few~ a few hundreds actually i still can’t eat, can’t do…but the best part is, i can now eat fried chicken and drink my nescafe..phew!..heheheh..my lunch was just fried chicken(with fried onions+ginger), plain rice, some veggies and hot nescafe. heaven on earth! 🙂

Azfar nowadays, seems to be extra manja with his baba and me. he won’t go to sleep unless his baba or me hugs him to sleep. that for sure makes ~.j.e.j.a.k.a.~ very proud. what bothers me, how will i leave him to his babysitter if that is the way to make him sleep.. 😦
The sleeping clock is now fine-tuning as he is 30 days..Alhamdulillah. i can get better sleep and he can get better milk quality. oh yes..fully breastfeeding baby he is and i intend to keep it that way until he is having a sister/brother.. 🙂 breast milk is the best! u get to feel the bond between you and your baby grows better and stronger.

Tommorrow will be heading for our home..the daily-charge bibik will be there at 10. the gang( auntie nun+auntie a-a) will be helping us to re-arrange things and the room. 2 baby beds will be in the house..i’ll post the photos once we re-arrange things. 🙂 can’t wait.

some cool stuffs Tito and Tita bought for Azfar. TQ Tito..TQ Tita…

a package of thermal blanket, thermal pillow and a bodysuit for my sweetheart darling..

4 thoughts on “:: confinement ~ yeah its over! ::

  1. wahh… best la dia.. dah habis pantang…. hehe, tapi it’s good kalau dpt pantang 100 hari sebenarnya.. cumanya, kak fika dulu pun x kuat semangat nak sampai 100 hari.. hahaha… 🙂

    kak fika baru je dpt tau last friday, we are going to get a baby girl, insya Allah… 🙂 husband kak fika la paling excited, maklumlah takde adik beradik pompuan.. 🙂

    can’t wait to chat with you once u get back in the office.. i’ve move out of KKF, so i’ll just drop by in Kg. Wai after this.. dah takde tempat persinggahan dah di KKF… 🙂


  2. hi kak Ja! Congrats for everything! letak la gambar baby azfar byk2.. hehe

    Insyaallah bila-bila auntie leed sampai bwk adiah utk azfar

    semoga kak Ja & baby sihat2 selalu..can't wait for my turn..

    blog baru leed;


  3. Assalamualaikum… anda semua dijemput ke Jemputan Raja Sehari omaQ.org pada 17 Ogos 2008 ..

    P/s :- mai jangan tak mai na.. bawak baby sama 🙂


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