:: Azfar’s 1st Solid Food ::

🙂 yay!! giving solid food to babies should be done slowly and consistently. I introduced solid food to my boy at the age of 4 months (4 months and 2 days). My mom made him blended rice and sweet potato and his loved it very much! during nite, i served him home-made apple juice. its been a regular now..mostly my mom wud serve azfar sweet potato(his favourite) & rice, papaya & rice, potato and rice (not his favourite). at home i made him apple & rice, apple juice, blended papaya, blended sweet potato.

my mom and his nanny keep telling me and my husband, azfar is one ‘good’ boy. he screams when he wants more of his lunch..kekkeke…cool haa…

y must i settle for Gerber or Heinz (non-halal the latest email i recieved)when i can serve my boy fresh homemade food… 🙂

p/s: we’re going to Penang & KL this thursday onwards and i wonder how in the world can i make him his lunch n dinner…shud i settle for Gebber?

azfar has started to turn on his own now!!!! what an achievement 😀


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