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at first, we decided not to go due to some things which suddenly popped up( damn shit that girl!!!) well, Allah knows best, after almost 3 weeks i’ve been planning for the KL trip, finally we shoot off from Kg Guru at exactly 3pm. Azfar’s Chiak was not that happy. Y?>>he doesnt like the idea of having his grandson in the middle of the day..panaihhh..sayang cucu laa…mangkala buleh nak bg dok dlm bilik aircond ja.. 😀

stopped at Bukit Merah R&R for Azfar’s ‘tea’ :). Tok made him a nice rice+sweet potato puree. after feeding him, we continued our journey to KL. Alhamdulillah, it didnt rain at all..not even a single drop … Chiak as usual kept calling me every 1-2 hours just to ask where were we, how was the road traffic, what is his groovy cucu doing… 🙂

we reached TokSu Mike & Toksu Mas’s high-rise at around 9pm after caught in Sg Buloh’s jam.. damn!! Azfar was happy all the way from Perlis. talking non-stop with baba & ummi ..hehehhehe…

Our trip started with a visit to Plaza Pudu ( desmond camera shop ) since ~j.e.j.a.k.a.~ wished to look for new gadgets..wat can i say…gadget freak! this n this, here n there..emmm..emmm..ooo..ok..ooo..this one…that one…how much aa…this one?… finally, ~j.e.j.a.k.a.~ decided to get himself a 50D from Photo Mania and a lens from Foto Selangor.
Auntie Yah as usual wud want to meet Azfar. so IKEA we went.. how forgetful i was, it was packed with human!!! the long Q..no thanks..we wondered at IKANO and the curve for about 3 hours and headed to Subang Jaya as TokNgah wanted to give us a treat..TQ TokNgah.. Azfar fell asleep comfortably even when TGIF waiters were singing loudly..

during dinner at TGIF, i had to feed Azfar with Gerber applesauce since there was no way i can cook. 😦 he didnt really enjoy la…sian kat azfar na…

the next day, Tita & Tito promised to join us for shopping. 🙂 we headed to The Pavilion. I was hoping we cud meet Tun Mahathir.. masin mulutttt…

Azfar & Baba managed to get themselves some gud stuffs..as 4 me..? next time maybe… 😀

2 thoughts on “:: here & there ::

  1. hi aiza.. kurut nih.. how did u know that Dr Mahathir would be there, at The Pavilion anyway? i’ve been there.. dari mula dia baru bukak.. sampai la..several times ada la.. tapi tak pernah jumpe pon..

    sbb aku tak pasang niat kot nahh..


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