:: which one is to be deliberate? 1430H or 2009..::

…” wishing you a very happy new year!!” this tag is wished by most of us. but lets think about this, y must we celebrate 2009 instead of our 1429H? is there any celebration for 1430H? any usrah, or any event to evaluate or muhasabah our performances in 1428H, anything for 1429H and 1430H? >>not even in UniMAP i must say!

we set our new goals when the 2008 is saying tata…we are happy and proud when most of our goals were achieved. but have we really achieved our goals in 1430H? any goals touching our way of life? –Islam is our way of life? i am far from a gud wife, a gud mother and a gud ummah. but each day i wud remind myself not to get carried away with the materialistics in life. trying my best to be a gud ummah.

most of us are very keen to celebrate the 2009 new year. the so called ambang tahun baru, perarakan tahun baru, sambutan tahun baru can be seen all over Malaysia, at every state, every town there is. but instead, is there any Majlis Solat Berjemaah besar-besaran been conducted on 29th of december 2008 to welcome our 1st Muharram 1430H?

what do you have to answer to Allah?

frankly, i am so very sad looking at my friends who are looking forward for tonite’s celebration!fireworks, free flow wine, new year dances, couples hugging tightly..

Nauzubillah! Doa akhir tahun right after Asar prayers, and doa awal tahun right after Maghrib, solat sunat, Y in the aren’t we aware of these things? these are some of our amalan to welcome our new year should be.

May Allah swt bless us all and may we have blessing year ahead.


note: geram tahap gaban tgk org dok kalut tak ketahuan hala punca nak celebrate 2009 new year


One thought on “:: which one is to be deliberate? 1430H or 2009..::

  1. it is so true la kan.. alhamdulillah aku duk terengganu.. jauh sket from those nonsense which is leading to disaster.. even though there were those moments.. masa aku lost sket.. which i am so thankful when god finally keeps me away from such life..


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