:: cuppies try out ::

the 4 Ahmads (adam, amin, arif, ammar) came by last afternoon for tea. bangjad bought cheesecake for adam just to celebrate his 7th birthday. i decided to fry some kueyteow and some cuppies. thanks to baba for taking care of azfar while ummi was cooking. bangjad & kak tina bought a few pieces of fried chicken -Real Fried Chicken originally from Perlis (sbb boikot KFC)

adam+adam cutting the cake and the ‘merdeka’ cupcake ( i put a Malaysian flag on it)

playin’ around my house…”banyak nyer angin kat umah maja ni..i love”

here are my cuppies …poppy seed vanilla cupcakes with some chocolate toppings


3 thoughts on “:: cuppies try out ::

  1. bangjat dah 3 anak no..eh! mana resepi cupcakes ni?anak aku tgk gambar cupcakes ni terus dia pi cuit kat screen computer pastu buat2 jilat bibir,macam la cupcakes ni boleh keluar dr screen..hihihi.


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