:: my bestfriend’s checklist ::

yes..i’m helping my friend with her engagement list..she is away and alone in KL..and so i decided to help her as much as i can. Nun as always will be the dress consultant. just now, we went and bought a pink lacey suit for ZahrahNawi. she will definitely look stunning in that pink lace baju kurung.

she also asked my opinion on other things..aihh..leh jadi wedding planner camni la.. 🙂 so i contacted the make up artist during my engagement receptions. we agreed on the price and she will do her magic on zahrah’s face…

as the list continues, the 3 of us shall work together just to make sure the ceremony goes well.

p/s: im having a headache thinking of wat baju tu put on during ur engagement yayah.. 🙂 baju kenduri hang dah kena siap 3 pasang..azfar takpa la..he has a lot of new clothes lagi..ummi ni takdak dah baju


3 thoughts on “:: my bestfriend’s checklist ::

  1. nih sapa yang nak bertunang nih.. yayah ke hang dek ja oiii… amboi naik syeh nampak… ;D juz kidding!! excited kan bila bestfriend kita kawin.. nak2 tinggal dia je lagik among us yang belum.. eh betui ka..


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