:: Jilbab 4 sale ::

dear friends, i’m helping a friend to sell a few gorgeous jilbab from indonesia. the items are absolutely fine and meant for Muslimah. they properly covers our chest :). order now as the shipment will be out on 22nd February 2009. prices include postage. u can order by giving me details in the comment form and i shall contact u right away.

note: to my dear friend in johor (u know who u are) order tauuuu! 🙂

Jilbab Rumbai Jasmine
RM 37
-all rumbai pashima flows naturally and they are not too light that can show the chest’s shape 🙂

Jilbab Rumbai Gold

Jilbab Rumbai Hijau

Jilbab Rumbai Ungu

Jilbab Rumbai Lavender

another pattern that is eye-catching but serves the purpose. this design offers you with a style and yet covers your chest at the same time.

Black Tulip
-take note on the ruffle around the neck. gorgoeus!

Dark Blue Tulip

Khakis Tulip

Choco Tulip


7 thoughts on “:: Jilbab 4 sale ::

  1. hihihi..hang invite sapa tu budak johor?cantek ke kalo aku pakai?anak aku yg baru blaja shapes kat skola kata ‘mummy’s face is like triangle..’muka aku ni bersegi segi la..muka hang lawa la pakai(hang pakai apa pun lawo)..even tudung indon or ekin pun tak cantek aku pakai:(..dah laa tinggi aku cam yaya..tudung bidang besar ‘men tengelamkan’ aku..


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