:: bowling session ::

from left-Diara, Shafeza a.k.a Auntie, haku-ko holding AzfarHazim (the next national bowling player), ~j.e.j.a.k.a~
-introducing Azfar to the balls-

Azfar favourite Aunties (from left- A’a & Auntie)

the guy with lots of expression..fifi ares

~j.e.j.a.ka~ and i decided to go to Alor Star and through some balls on the lane 🙂 so off we went 2gether with fifi ares, nun, diara and surely our Azfar Hazim 🙂 2 played 2 games and it was a fun nite! with fifi laughing, make all the gestures when he strikes+loss ..and the winner was..heheh..haku-ko..jgn mare a ipi…hehehehe Azfar slept throughout the journey to AS. we had our supper at the Royal Nasik Lemak..not that i dont recommend but it was not nasik lemak but the regular nasik kandar…


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