:: Thailand ::

jalan-jalan cari kereta

at exactly 7am, the 3 of us left Kampung Guru and straight to Jalan Kaki Bukit to pick Auntie from her house to join us for a short trip to Thailand! 😀 we didnt tell Chiak because i and ~j.e.j.a.k.a~ know he will be very very (100x) worried especially since we brought AzfarHazim along. the objective was to get Azfar’s birthday gift 🙂 in advanced tu..

baby carried Azfar all the way….since we were so near to the border, so y not..pi jugak la balik sana nu …no border pass required 🙂

we are entering Thailand my dear

i bought Mempelam Tongdam (spell as u pronounce) for only RM2.5o/kg. In Pdg Besar, u will haveta pay RM5/kg…double the price!!! we bought tumbler, 4pcs for RM10 (in Pdg Besar, 3pcs 4 RM10), i bought periuk kukus+mengkuang kukus !!yesss.. :)dpt gak something..hehehe

the moment of truth…jeng jeng jeng

Azfar having a test-drive in the shop..and we bought a Red Roadster 😀

after 2 hours of shopping at Wang Kelian+Thailand, the sun is shining oh so hot! so off we went to Pdg besar pulak. Azfar managed to get a few things-ben10 shirt+pants, ben-10 phone, baju askar..hehehe…and so we had our breakfast at one of the stalls..

anak baba

back to Kg Guru to bake my Platinum Chicken-will update with photo and recipe


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