:: Some Updates ::

I was very very very busy >>with the stressful office environment (oopssss, i cant say much since im an emotional+unprofesional personel). Wat ever it takes, my Sundays with my 2 sweethearts definitely unstopable + undisturbable (is there such word??)

at around 11 am, azfar fell asleep and so my kitchen starts to smell 🙂 smells good surely! 🙂 I was inspired by a TV show on AFC – it was Food Lovers Guide To Australia. It showed this simple Thai Chicken and so i decided to try the recipe. and yes, it was proven marvelously simple and finger lickin’ good! so try one urself.

and on that nite, after a visit to my inlaw’s, Ipi, Nun and the 3 of us, went to MyCafe. we tried the new section which was fully air-conditioned. and it was cozy. Azfar cudnt stop looking at those cute dimed lites, the red walls.. 🙂 we enjoyed our dinner!


2 thoughts on “:: Some Updates ::

  1. aiza.. the ayam padped is slightly the same with my moms recipe.. only the chicken is shredded into smaller pieces.. and all those bawang and chillies were saute with a bit of belacan.. without the brown sugar.. but i will try yours too.. definitely!!! only the matter of when..heheheee.. yang daging masak merah hari tu pun tak sempat lagi.. hehehehe..


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