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My answers Kurut

1. Anda perlu printscreen wallpaper anda yang tengah gune skang. jgn tipu2 ek..

2. Bagitau kenapa anda suka wallpaper anda..

  • He is my son–azfar hazim bin hasnizam, cute, cuddly, brilliant, most handsome guy(besides baba)
  • although i love WHITE, but the foto appears better with black background

3. Tag 10 orang.. jeng..jeng.. jeng.. (kite tgk sape yg kena.. jgn mara ek..)
so sorry kurut..i can only think of a few.. 🙂

  1. Jun
  2. En Naj+family
  3. Kak Puya
  4. newly visited blog-magenta
  5. newly visited blog-aku tak peduli
  6. newly visited blog-precociouslynaive

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