:: Short Trip to Penang :: Ureshii ne

we started off at around 7.30 am from home. Azfar as usual woke up around 6am and he too was busy ‘lending hands’ with the bags. 🙂 i was busy preparing for ~j.e.j.a.k.a.~ stuffs azfar just cudnt stop helping me..hehehe..he just want me to carry..takut org tinggai dia la tu..

we tested the Picasso. damn it was a gud ride. we took the ferry. Azfar was so thrilled and cudnt stop waving at the sea…splashing towards the ferry..heheh..it was fun!! reached the penang island and went straight to Komtar to get mat over’s 85mm canon lens. stopped at the stadium for lunch and off we go to Mothercare Gurney..yeay! frankly, i did not find any outstanding items for my son. so i just bought him 3 pairs of socks and a handsome t-shirt. that was all.

Q-ing for the ferry

we joined the afternoon game session buat that was only for 1/2 hour. Azfar wanted to have his afternoon nap. Later, we had no choice but to get KFC mashed potato for him. Luckily during the dinner they serve Kanji (rice porridge with santan and chicken, veges and shrimps). Azfar enjoyed the dinner and guess what?? baba got himself a FRIDGE!!!(lucky draw) hehehehe…

shopping at the Cold Storage?? not this time, we settled with giant aloq staq 😀

The End


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