This year i celebrated Mother’s Day 2 days earlier due to some unadjustable things 🙂 prepared lamb chops, rosemary grilled chicken, garlic bread, wedges + fries,whipped potato and iced lemon tea. the dinner was to celebrate mom’s day. fifi helped to play with azfar while i was preparing the dinner. lucikly i finished everything at 8pm 🙂 phew. i was glad! sorry mak, no cake this year..lupa nak bake a cake for my mom. we all enjoyed the dinner. wat was left was a some garlic bread crusts and yes…the 3 men enjoyed 7pcs of that lamb chops!!! as my Abah usually says…sendiri tanggung na kolestrol…

the very next nite, Abah decided to treat the MOMS for a dinner (Mak, my sis, my sis in law and me). so all the mothers that nite enjoyed our dinner. Chiaq (pronounce with dengung) belanja!!!


You taught me well to trust myself in all that I do…
to enjoy the simple things life has to offer…
to be honest and true…
to give back to the world…
to look for the best in others, while always trying to be…
the best person I can be.

My heart is full of love
to my teacher
my mentor
my friend
my one and only MAK

I LOVE YOU MAK and happy mother’s day!!!!!

Note: Chiaq = Granpa/Grandad or some of our modern’ers’ wud be calling wan(no no..not 1)


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