:: it is BABA’s DAY ::

to my dear Love, I love You so much, no word can decsribe how thankful & grateful i am having u as my partner and how lucky AzfarHazim is having u as his Baba. We love u!!!!

since Baba will be working on Sunday, so i (on behalf of AzfarHazim) decided to celebrate Baba’s Day on last Sunday(14th June 2009). AzfarHazim chose the cake himself (seriously he picked that one). I prepared a simple dinner for us.

mushroom soup+garlic bread for Azfar

fetuchini served with grilled chicken for Baba

fetuchini served with grilled salmon for me 😀

what can i say…i LOVE YOU BOTH!

Baba & AzfarHazim– the love of my life
(during AzfarHazim birthday photoshoot)


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