:: Saturday Menu ::

As early as 7am, i rushed to the Pasar Tani 2 get some ikan masin to match with pulut tanak. On my way back to the car, i saw the stall selling very fresh chubby looking mackerel & sardines. wat more, i grabbed 2 kilos of those, grab 3 torch flowers (bunga kantan) for the assam laksa.

my in laws came for the tea. they cudnt enjoy the laksa as most Perlis-ian enjoy Laksa Kola.

Azfar and I joined Tok, Chiaq n abg aqiil to our dusun at Bukit Manik to get some fresh durians. TokMat (the gardener) helped us there. as usual Chiaq wont allow his grandsons out of the car-takut kena gigit nyamuk 😀

Chiaq and the navigators


our aphrodisiac supper that nite :d

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