:: Kuih Raya by Shafeza Traditional Stove ::

I am helping a good friend of mine promoting her delicious homemade+ handmade Biskut Raya@ Raya Cookies. Specialises in bringing you the best Biskut Mazola (peanut butter cookies), Biskut Samperit (biskut dahlia some might call it),Maruku(spicy&crunchy-v ery addicting!), Popia Nestum(sweet type) and Kuih Goyang(loyang).

This year, STS (Shafeza Traditional Stove) is widening her market to the whole Malaysia, Singapore as well as Brunei.With greater capacity, we get to enjoy prefect-oven-baked kuih raya! 🙂

Order now and i am definite, before the Ramadhan ends, you will order more from STS.

Biskut Mazola(Peanut Butter Cookies)
Biskut Samperit(biskut dahlia)
addicting maruku
Popia Nestum


Biskut Mazola, Biskut Samperit – 50pcs for only RM 27

Addicting Maruku- 1kg for only RM17

Popia Nestum-1kg for only RM30

Shakey Goyang-100pcs for only RM16

STS believes in delivering the best biscuits for you and as such, we choose only the best courier service-CityLink Courier
West Malaysia-RM14 perkg
East Malaysia-RM20 perkg
Brunei-call for quotation
Singapore-call for quotation

To all Perlisian, please call Shafeza to get your samples.

To order, please call Shafeza 012-5846449 or email to shafeza@email.com

Associate Partner 🙂


5 thoughts on “:: Kuih Raya by Shafeza Traditional Stove ::

  1. Salam Ramadhan Dek Ja…
    Selamat berpuasa
    Sori agak bz sikit jer..:(
    Owhh promote STS n wat kuih Raya ek..
    Banyak cawangan dia ek..
    InsyaAllah, nanti bleh beli… 🙂

    Mak Nine kdg2 duk beli kat Sanimun sepupu Nine..
    Sama Dek Ja, duk Kg Guru..anak cikgu Deris..

    Hehe kawan Nine kenai Mak Dek Ja rasanya..Dia kata nama Auntie Dariah..:)


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