:: cute baby contest ::

i was browsing through some blogs..was blog hopping actually. and i found this web>>gugu gaga mommy zara. she is holding a cute baby contest. and i thought..y not? who knows azfar-chan might win 🙂

it is very fun seeing how proud moms showing off their son and daughter..best kan..and at last, all of the contestant became frens. the community grows. best la ramai kawan2 nanti.. 🙂

celebrating Azfar-chan's birthday

celebrating Azfar-chan's 1st birthday which was on 040609

tengah tengok orang main wau

tengah tengok orang main wau-baba took this one somewhere around 22nd July 2009

As the requirement, my son’s details:

Name: Azfar Hazim bin Hasnizam

Age: 1 year 2 months

Born on: 04 06 08

to all the judges…pilih anak saya ye..hehehhe..


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