:: Remedy for diarhoea ::

Pucuk jambu batu— YES! this is the traditional remedy for diarhoea. In kampung, you can easily get jambu batu. For adults, chew a few of its pucuk and Insya-Allah in a few hours, you’re cured. For children,  using pestel & mortal, punch the pucuk and spread it on the stomach. A great remedy for all of us.

I was told by my  consultant paediatrician that among children, they should not be given any medication to stop the diarhoea; unlike adults. Diarhoea is a form of body rejection towards infection. It will heal by its own cause but close monitoring is needed. If there is any drops of blood in the stool, rush to the nearest hospital a.s.a.p.

Azfar-chan was having diarhoea for 5 days. Alhamdulillah, nothing serious. No Pediasure Vanilla flavour for him, only Pediasure Chocolate flavour.

Pediasure Chocolate


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