:: Aidiladha ::

Alhamdulillah, this is the second time I made qurban for Azfar-chan. Hopefully I will be able to maintain doing qurban for him every year. Insya Allah. Lets read more on Qurban/Korban here . Adapted from DrMaza’s website

My elder brother and his family came back during the celebration and boy, we had loads of fun! Tito & Tita (as Azfar-chan calls them) hosted a great BBQ party! 🙂 Sadly, my eldest brother& family, my paksu+maksu couldn’t make it this year. Takpa, yang penting ibadat korban tu.

During the BBQ, we served pasta, prawn kebabs (courtesy to 1000 recipes book given by my bff AmizaAmir), chicken, lamb, beef, grilled foie gra (jantung, hati lembu). those who says YUCK to jantung lembu, hati lembu but says YES, YUMMY to foie gras-HAHA to you. those are the same thing!

What is foie gras? > Foie gras (pronounced /fwɑːˈɡrɑː/ in English; French for “fat liver”) –wikipedia.com

Fotos? not this time ..sorry


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