:: How Do You Organize Your Bag? ::

it doesn’t matter if you own original designer handbags, what matters the most is the content ..and yes, secondly is how organised the handbag is. my ~j.e.j.a.k.a.~ regularly comments how unorganised my handbag is.. 🙂 big ones, compact ones, small, cute u name it..somehow, it will become more or less a tote bag for me..dumping it all in there. how i wish i can get a some sort of  Butler Handbag.

a purse should be able to carry currency (lots of this), IC, licence, ATM cards, charge card, medical cards, rebate cards phew the list goes on and on. now you tell me how can you get a thin small purse to put all these? with a huge purse, you need a huge handbag or perhaps a tote bag 🙂

a very well organised handbag

photo courtesy of http://www.handbag2handbag.com

you know what they say-” you can tell a women by her handbag” so what kind of woman i am? you tell me

yes i know..unorganised!

trying hard to be organised but it ended up rather the same

this is mine.. hehehehe….i put ONLY the essential things. my car key with the pink Roxy keychain,  E71 charger, my daily folic acid, hand sanitizer, super slim purse, slim cards slot, pens, 8 different bunches of keys, compact powder, notebook and 3M sticky note.

as a member of MomBloggersPlanet, i came across this content. y not? so this particular entry is all about answering the question. who knows, i might be one of the lucky winners.. dear judges, pick me pick me! *angkat tangan tinggi²* 😀

a winner will be getting this>>The Organize Jacq set.. and it’s comprise of 2 bags… one medium size and one small size.

The Organize Jacq set is a great way to organize all your essential items in one bag, from your keys, handphone, purse to your make-ups. You can have a bag organizer for your smaller bags too. Switching handbags will be hassle free.  

Each Organize Jacq bag has:

  • Velcro tab opening
  • Two exterior side compartments for handphone and I-pod- this is wat i really need.
  • One back exterior compartment to hold tissues and notes-lovely! separate compartments for these items
  • One front exterior compartment-i need this
  • Four pen holders- haa..4 pens so i can bring my favourite fountain pen, ball pen, 2 pencils
  • Two interior sub-compartments to hold keys and make up items-i can throw away my small pouch
  • One large interior compartment for wallet and bigger items-yesssss

How i wish i can get these gorgeous bags. that way, i sure will be organised.

As for the checklist:

1 – Put Gin&Jacqie banner on your sidebar where it can be clearly seen. The banner should link to http://www.ginjacqie.com/collection.html

2 – Create one blog post as creative as you can on “How Do You Organize Your Bag?“.

3 – Mention about this contest in your entry and put a link back to this contest page

4 – Leave a comment here with a permalink (direct link to your entry),   AND

5 – Also EMAIL your blog entry link to advert@ginjacqie.com

will i be one of the lucky winners?  …waiting… 🙂 u know what they say-hope is the beauty of not knowing


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