:: my morning choice ::

for the past 3-4 weeks, i was trying (hard) to like the new mix.fm morning crews. if u were to say i wasnt trying hard enough, maybe you should try and listen to mix.fm once.  i REALLY cant stand the 3 deejays or should i say the 3 stooges. they are not funny, but trying to be funny. Ferhad is as usual, trying to show off his talent (if he has one) in singing, the wooo here, woooo there, whooo everywhere and not to mention the slang he regularly added on in the shout out songs. (BLUEKKKK).  As for Jay, she just can’t blend with them; if u know what i mean. no chemistry! Well, Rudy, he can play the guitar and i think he is the only one that i can listen to.

Making jokes, is a big thing. u have to be really funny or else you’ll be laughing urself. i can say that for about 30 minutes every morning, i wont be laughing with the deejay, but i often, almost everyday will be laughing at those 3 deejays. last friday, i made up my mind. NO MORE MIX.fm breakfast show.


the new crews

Im a very loyal person. and that was y i tried to like the new crews as much i love Serena C & Peitro 😦 too bad they are no longer in the show. those 2 are really funny, spontanious and really made me laugh out loud. Sempoooiiiii!!

Serena & Pietro doesnt have to try hard in making jokes, they are really good. i can really laugh with them. 😀 really love the show. how i really wish those 2 will be back.

Serena C & Pietro

 and so..i tune in to Hitz.fm everymorning since last friday 🙂

pictures~by Google.com

p/s: i dont get anything from Serena C & Pietro for this entry.


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